The Dragon Family app

Smart chores organiser
for your kids.

Helps motivate your kids to help around the house.
Keep track of who's done what
Set daily or weekly tasks. Children will see their daily progress and earn points for every chore.
Motivate instead of forcing
The point-based rewards system lets children earn, save up and redeem their points for real-life prizes.
Chores & family leisure ideas
Broad collection of ideas for family activities that kids can save up for.
You will never have to remind your children to do their chores again.
Our users love us
  • Star Brantley
    From California
    After our family has started using this app I never had to nag at my children to do their chores again. Thank you so much for this beautiful app - it has made our life so much easier!
  • Aime Fisher
    From New Jersey
    Our children enjoy using the Dragon Family app because they can actually see what they have already done throughout the day. They have become more self-organised and motivated.
  • Deniel Rollinson
    From Washington
    We've tried reward systems in our family before, but it was hard to keep the accountability. This app does it perfectly. My kids have even started asking me for more chores to be able to score more rewards in the app.
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